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More fish
Friday, 15 February 2013 21:03

I don't eat oysters, never have, never will, but the Oyster Inn, a fish restaurant in Oneroa, a village on Waiheke, is a winner, says a friend who has eaten there. Mussels, clams, lovely plate of salt and pepper squid. Must try it next time we're on the island.

We're getting ready to go north tomorrow, to a bach at the beach! Paula has found a big house, looks similar to the one we rented last year. Raylene, Warren and possibly Ruthie will be there too, so we'll have a fun time. I shopped for the trip: lots of different cheeses, biscuits, wine, fruit (the white nectarines are in season, but I still prefer the yellow ones). Also bought a bag of tiny new potstoes to take along, and will pick up avos today at Citropia (he grows the big Reed avos that are so delicious). 

We've eaten some delicious salmon lately. The steaks are anywhere from $29 to $34 per kilo, but they're only hours out of the water. We do them on the barbie, spice rub on top, skin side down, and put the lid down. The skin gets very crispy, likely because the fish is so fat. Blue and Sheba hang out under the big table, waiting for tidbits. 

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